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Our team put a lot of work into publishing the animated series Carolina Bulletin News, we implemented cutting-edge technology to ensure we provide our audience with visually appealing news! The software we used to create the news set was the Unreal Engine, an engine used by major video game companies to create popular, blockbuster games. We created the characters you see on-screen by using the program Adobe Illustrator and we used Adobe Character Animator to bring the lovable characters to life!

The Story

What do a penguin, algae, a rib, a thermometer, a snake, and a paper airplane all have in common? They’ve been given the job of the century: the chance to be a part of the Carolina’s first animated news team. Prom Bird, Al Gee, Robbie the Rib, Therman Mercury, Dan G. Noodleman, and Swoopy are all members of Carolina Bulletin News, the only animated news series to hit the Carolinas. They’ve arrived just in time to report on some juicy Carolina happenings.

The series debut of course has to begin with Prom Bird and Al Gee as CB News’ head anchors. They encourage viewers to attend events in the Myrtle Beach area, from virtual reality date nights to karaoke Thursdays.

The co-anchors switch it over to our favorite paper airplane Swoopy for the traffic report. Swoopy changes himself into various shapes as he describes the accidents and backups that have happened on our local Carolina highways.

Once Swoopy delivers the traffic report, it’s Robbie the Rib’s time to shine. He talks about his experience at a local restaurant and rates it five juicy ribs on his one to five scale. High praise!

Therman Mercury takes over the show next with his weather report, and viewers can be sure of one thing: It’s going to be a scorcher! Our little thermometer gets VERY “fired” up over the heat taking over the Carolinas.

Al Gee and Prom Bird talk about local sports news (go Pelicans!) and then segway into Dan G. Noodleman’s crime report. The only snake crime reporter out there says if you ssssee something, ssssay something!

Al Gee and Prom Bird wrap up the show with a classic Myrtle goodbye: Stay dirty Myrtle Beach!

Advertising Potential

With this introduction to the Carolina’s first animated news series, there’s potential to increase ad views for local businesses. Ads are typically posted for the same business every three days, and with the addition of CB News, every business CB advertises for gets its time to shine, all in one day.

Once CB fans view the video, they’re shown ads in a new way; how many times has an animated penguin and algae plant told you to try a local restaurant? Advertisements are being shown in a new, fun, and engaging way! It’s exciting to see characters in a professional animation highlight businesses in an area that viewers already know and love.

Do you want to have your local business featured?

Contact us at 843-580-2291 or email to learn more about advertising opportunities in the Carolinas with Carolina Bulletin!

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