Architectual Previsualization

What is architectural previsualization?

Architectural Previsualization (or “Previs” for short) are images generated by a computer using a three-dimensional modeling software for presentation purposes. This includes: 3D Architectural Rendering, Modeling, Visualization and Virtual Animation for Residential and Commercial Projects, Builders and Architects.

Renderings of a modern-style home with cool and warm themed options. 

This innovative technology allows you to “walk” through a building prior to actual construction. It is a vital tool for anyone who is in the real estate, architecture, or construction industries.

We use the powerful Unreal Engine to create the building and landscapes, and use 3D art software such as Maya to create the decor and other props to populate the world. References from photos, blueprints, concept sketches would be provided by us or the client to use for the design and styles.

These high-quality renderings can bring your ideas to life like no other method, and they can even be the key to closing a sale in a presentation.

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