MintPrint LLC is a digital content and creative agency that caters to all kinds of businesses. We utilize high-end production tools such as Adobe Creative Suite to create amazing graphics, websites, videos and more. We cater to clients that range from small stores to restaurants. Our online publication, Carolina Bulletin, is the advertising medium for our clients who are located in the Carolinas.

We are based out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and was founded in 2015. Since MintPrint LLC provides digital content, we can work with clients from all over the world who needs our creative services. We are planning on expanding to other nearby areas for online publications, and also expanding our creative services for more high-end needs.

About the owner:
Jennifer Hotai Dale has been creating art since an early age, and learned Adobe Photoshop when she was 13 years old. She has done work such as being the lead concept artist for computer games and also worked on film projects.  She also has done commission paintings on the side.

She created the company MintPrint LLC in 2015, along with the online publication Carolina Bulletin(which reaches to over a million people worldwide), being heavily involved with advertising.